I have another title for this post, and it’s called “When life is good, but heavy.” That’s the name of the game these days. 2017, you’re not what I expected, but you’re teaching me many things. Now more than ever, I’m really needing to take care of myself to make sure I’m the best daughter, sister, wife, friend, employee and human being I can be. Here are my favorite ways to do exactly that.


Take daily prenatal vitamin

I’m a terrible vitamin taker, and an even worse fruits and vegetables eater. I started taking a once daily prenatal vitamin (I like the Goddess Premium brand I buy on Amazon) and love it because I get nearly everything I need. I almost immediately noticed a boost in my hair – it’s true what they say!

Use diffuser with essential oils

I love to make my home my sanctuary with candles and music – my husband and I love listening to movie scores. My co-worker is a big believer in essential oils; I gifted her some oils for her recent birthday and picked up a diffuser and set of oils for myself while I was at it. I chose the Urpower diffuser (such a steal on sale for $16 on Amazon) and a set of oils – my favorites so far are lavender and sweet orange.

Reiki massage and crystal therapy

I see an incredible woman for Reiki massage and crystal therapy. I used to turn my nose at these things, but now I’m all about it – mind, body, spirit. One session, I came to her under quite a bit of stress. She burned sage all around me and sent me home with leaves that she instructed me to burn and sweep around my head and feet to clear all harmful energies. Something real happened to me that I have trouble describing. It was like all my deepest feelings were brought to the surface; after about 12 intense hours of feelings the effects, suddenly I felt completely light. It was a free feeling I can’t wait to replicate.

Limit coffee consumption to one cup a day

Some say it’s good for you, others say it’s not. All I know is I’ve increased to two lately and have felt noticeably amped up.


I love my high-energy, intense Barry’s Bootcamp workouts, but they amp me way up. Yoga is a great complement to bring me back down and back to center.

Spend free time in nature

This is a no brainer: Less time in front of the screen, more time in nature. I’m looking forward to getting a bike soon and riding around our local beaches with my husband. And, as much as I miss her now that she lives in a different state, I can’t wait to escape and unplug every so often during visits to Lake Tahoe to see my sister.