As a woman, handbag and high heel hoarder, and lover of fashion, is there anything more exciting than a box of clothing and accessories, hand-selected just for me and delivered directly to my doorstep? I asked myself this question as I placed my first order with Stitch Fix recently. The answer, I found, is not a whole lot!

Stitch Fix is a genius idea for ladies who love to shop and appreciate convenience and the expertise of a virtual stylist assisting you in your selections. Now, for the sake of transparency, your Stitch Fix stylist determines your selections much more than he or she assists with them. As the buyer, I had no control over the items I received save for trusting my stylist got a sense for my style from the very detailed style profile I filled out (no pleather, please!), however I think a box filled with surprises is a big part of what makes the process so fun. Although the style profile questionnaire asked nearly every question about my personal style (I love the section that gives you sample outfits and asks you to rate each according to personal preference), I was still nervous I would get a box of things I didn’t like. My first Fix, as they’re called, wasn’t perfect, but it came pretty close.

On the financial front, Stitch Fix is a brilliant idea. You pay a $20 styling fee, which is charged when your Fix ships and is applied to any items you choose to buy (for example, a $38 blouse will cost you $18 if you choose to keep it). That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Even sweeter is the 25 percent off you receive your total order if you buy all five items. I look forward to the day I receive that Fix – my husband, probably not as much! All the things you don’t want to keep get sent back in a pre-paid shipping envelope. It couldn’t be easier!

Below is a round-up of the items I received in my first Stitch Fix and my verdict about each.

Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank
Keep or Return? Keep!


Cute casual tops are high on my list of things I want for summer, so I was especially excited to receive this tank, which is not only stylish with contrasting light gray and white stripes and orange embroidered detail on the front, but incredibly flattering (flattering stripes do exist, ladies!), soft and long enough to comfortably fit my 5’8” frame. I’m looking forward to pairing this tank with shorts and skirts this summer and jeans, boots and a chunky sweater in fall and winter.

Kut from the Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean
Keep or Return? Return.

Pictured above

I slipped on these jeans and was amazed at how perfectly they fit. They were also incredibly soft and comfortable. With a price tag of under $90 for designer jeans, I would have been eager to hang these up in my closet if I didn’t already have a similar pair.

Gilli Jessie Maxi Dress
Keep or Return? Return.


I went back and forth on this dress. It’s very flattering for the most part, but I didn’t love the very short short sleeves as I felt they didn’t do my arms any favors (I’m working on them in the gym!). The dress’s rich blue color was lovely, but I felt $64 was a bit much for such a casual dress. In the end, I decided it wasn’t for me.

Urban Expressions Elle Woven Clutch
Keep or Return? Return.

Pictured below

This clutch was cute and I loved the pop of teal, but I tend to carry a clutch with dressed up outfits, and the overall style of this clutch is very casual. If the style had been an over-the-shoulder handbag, we would have had a deal, but alas, this one went back, too.

Renee C Tucker Mixed Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse
Keep or Return? Return.


Last but not least, I loved the vibrant pattern of this blouse, but I’m a tall girl, and this blouse wasn’t long enough for me to feel comfortable wearing it. It’s too bad, because the color and print and really spectacular.