I’ve neglected Four Thing Friday and this blog in a big way lately. Is anybody still out there? I promise I’m still here! Below are some of my favorite things from the past couple of weeks. First, though, a beautiful quote I heard recently. For those who are still with me, I wish you a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend.

To know where your heart is, look for where your mind goes where it wanders.

Birthday Cake

My sister and dad celebrated their birthdays two days apart last week, so I decided a special cake was needed. Joy the Baker’s Three-Layer Vanilla Bean Cake with Buttercream Frosting was a tall order (literally), but after all was said and frosted, it was marvelous.


Our wedding invitations were sent this week and the gorgeous white calligraphy, courtesy of sisters Jennifer and Julie from Art of Two Sisters, against the black envelopes took my breath away, as did our invitations from the talented Ellie Snow of Hello Tenfold.

Juice and Veggie Packs

I’m not a big fan vegetables and, if I’m being totally honest, I’ll take a cookie over a healthy piece of fruit nine times out of 10, but I’ve been loving these 70-calorie liquid fruit and veggie packs I get from my local Vons. They’re a perfect snack and a great way to sneak a little sweetness when a craving strikes. For bonus points, who knows what an acerola is?

Warrior Yoga

I’m still boxing and doing other things that leave my body asking “Why, WHY?!” at Xplicit Fitness, but I’ve recently gotten into their Wednesday night Warrior Yoga classes. I’ve never cared much for yoga – I’ve always found it frustrating that I’m supposed to be focusing on relaxing while twisting my body in all sorts of complicated positions – but Darren’s classes are simple, peaceful, and like food for my mind, body and soul. They also yield a great sweat!