I was in the middle of fighting a punching bag (it was winning) when the trainer asked the group about our goals for the new year. When he got to me, I said I didn’t have any. What? Who says that? I wanted to stop what I was doing and tell him I don’t know what I was thinking because I have all sorts of goals for 2015, but I couldn’t stop – the punching bag was going to clobber me. I told him after instead – I want to become stronger, I said, which is true, but also felt like an A+ answer to give at a gym.

In all seriousness, I needed a little time to come up with my intentions for 2015. I like to wait for the new year to get here before I decide what I’m going to do with it – try it on, see how it feels. With that, here we go, 2015.

More moments with family and friends. I get married this year. My sister might move out of state this year. My priority is to soak up every possible moment with my family and friends.

Wake up earlier. Please do not misunderstand: This isn’t a goal I’m excited about, but I feel it’s necessary. I want to be one of those people who wake up early enough to run a half marathon, do yoga, make breakfast for the whole family and read a book before heading off to work. Or do I? I should have put this goal at the end.

I can’t lose!

Become stronger. I want to do at least one pull-up. I want to do the biggest box jump. I want to scare myself with my own strength!

If this panda can do it, I can do it! Sort of related, is this even a real panda?

Master a new skill in the kitchen. It’s a toss-up between learning to make candy and master roasting. Candy-making can’t be good for my aforementioned goal, so it looks like we’re going with roasting. Maybe my test will be making the turkey next Thanksgiving. What could go wrong?

Spend less money on lattes. Spend less money in general. No fun at all.

Regain fluency in Spanish. I took Spanish all the way through A.P. Literature in high school, so I didn’t have to take any classes in college. My Spanish teacher mom warned me that if I didn’t take any in college, I would quickly forget, but moms don’t ever know, right?

Take this blog to new heights. I have loved keeping this blog. I can’t wait to spend more time on it this year, hopefully giving it a facelift and adding a lot more content.

I named these intentions because resolutions get a bad rap, but really, who cares? There is something awesomely hopeful about making resolutions, so if you’ve avoided making any, I say go for it and tell me about them!