I’m late to this party again and I’m so very sorry! This last week was filled with highs and lows and while I prefer highs only, I know the lows are part of life. I won’t go into all the details, but my dad had surgery (he’s fine, but a daughter worries) and the health of my beloved family dog, Abby, declined sharply. Poor thing was dealt quite the deck of cards in this life, being deaf with an uncomfortable skin condition and a slipped disc. I worry about her, but she’s hanging in there. We spent some time together on Friday; she didn’t hear me, but I told her I love her so much and that I’m thankful she’s a part of the family. I work very hard on not looking so far into the future that I miss the wonderful moments of the present.


I went to the Junior League of San Diego‘s Holiday Party on Tuesday night and had a great time enjoying treats and seeing friends. I was in a festive mood – and also between washes – so I decided to treat myself to a blowout at Blow Pop Dry Bar. The talented Jennifer Bird made this gorgeous look happen. I highly recommend her!


Chris and I checked out Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park and while the long lines made me a little nutty, there were bright spots like the tasty spiked hot apple ciders we drank and this little cutie I got to meet. I gently touched him to pet him and his whole body shook. The handler discouraged me from touching him again because she said it tickled him. Tickle a reindeer? How cute is that? Naturally, I didn’t listen and touched him once more (sorry, Petco, I had to!).


I had a breakfast meeting at La Tequila and had my first cup of café de olla. Oh my goodness! Am I the last person to discover the magic that is this cinnamon-spiced Mexican coffee? It tastes like French toast in a cup. I may never drink regular coffee again!


We bought or Christmas tree from Pacific Beach Christmas Tree Country like we always do and I decorated it right away, blocking Chris’s view of the Chargers game. Sorry, honey! I was just so excited to put this year’s Christmas ornaments on the tree. We usually pick one to commemorate the year, but with this year being such a special one, we felt we needed two. Both were picked up along our trip to New Orleans and both fill me with Christmas cheer.