Oh hey, Monday. Does this thing say Monday now? Because WordPress, I’m trying to make a good first impression around here and when you publish my Four Thing Friday post on Saturday, well, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Let’s try that again this week, shall we?

I had a spectacular weekend with my aunt Mary and uncle Joe who came down from Los Angeles. My uncle Joe has always been awesome, but now he will forever be the most awesome because he’s marrying Chris and me! I haven’t talked much about wedding planning yet, but spend two minutes with me and it will become immediately clear that I’m planning a wedding. It’s not entirely my fault I currently talk about little more than Chiavari chairs and belly bar arrangements – it’s all anybody asks me about these days! Gone are the days of “How are you? How’s home/work/family/your awesome new blog?” and here to stay (until April) are the “How’s the wedding planning going?” Pregnant ladies, you must get it, too. Stay strong and remind yourself that you are more than the tiny person inside you!

We had a fantastic time with Mary and Joe. Over several bottles of wine and a delicious Italian meal, we planned our wedding ceremony and of course, I began crying almost immediately. It might have been the wine, but more likely, it was me being the most sensitive person on the planet. So many feelings about everything.

I love my uncle Joe and could not imagine anyone more perfect than that huge-hearted man leading us into marriage.

The next morning we had a farewell brunch with the rest of my family at my favorite local brunch spot, Great Maple. I know I’m planning a wedding and I certainly know I ordered my dress a size too small, but I lose control at Great Maple. I ordered the burger (I need protein for all the weights I lift?) and a Bloody Mary, which Great Maple makes better than anywhere else in town.

Great Maple's burger comes with Vermont cheddar cheese and a delectable aioli. Nevermind that side salad next to it.

Great Maple’s burger comes with Vermont cheddar cheese and a delectable aioli. Nevermind that side salad next to it.

My brother-in-law took this opportunity to share his disdain for day drinking, which left me flabbergasted. I rarely drink, but when I do, I like a nice bottle of bubbly and some poached eggs. I’m a basic girl who loves brunch. What can I say?

Naturally, after brunch came a nap and that was more or less my weekend. Mondays are usually pretty standard save for my favorite turbo kickbox class at 7:30 with my girl Tunisia, but tonight was special because I dragged Chris to our first dance lesson! We will box step on our wedding day or else! Actually, it turns out that the best dance for us is the rumba. What that means is a few classes and a few hundred more dollars beyond me, but we had a blast all the same. Well, at least one of us did.


Have a fantastic week, friends. My big plans this week are mostly to hit the gym, and I have a fun exercise post or two planned for you. I know, but we have to earn our champs!

This guy gets me.